Summer is my Happy Place

I have had this chalkboard in my kitchen for years.  And there it sat.  Naked.  Screaming for attention.  My ability to do Chalk Lettering was obsolete…until I found Chalk Couture.

I got the Chalkboard from World Market a few years back.  I love it.  This was my first bigger project.  I used two different Chalk transfers. You simply peel the backing off of the Chalk Transfer and smooth it onto your surface as seen below.

The large transfer is called Summer is my Happy Place.

The other transfer is called Live Life in Flip Flops.

I used White Chalkology Paste.

Grab a small squeegee to apply the paste.  I cut mine into thirds for the smaller size Transfers.

Apply the paste on the transfer.  Work at a steady pace so the Chalk paste doesn’t dry.  It really isn’t a problem with this size transfer.  Remove the excess and place it back in the paste jar.  Peel up your transfer and you are done.

I did four flip flops since there are four people in my family.  🙂  I used a second color called Aquamarine.

The polka dot flip flops are two different transfers so I just had to let the first layer dry before I applied the second color.  It took no time at all.  You can speed up the process with a heat gun or hair dryer.

Voila.  My naked, screaming chalkboard is now properly dressed.  😉

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